Sensual Massage For Men.
(May also be known as Erotic Massage)

Sensual Massage is full body massage inclusive of genital touching leading to full body orgasm using different touch techniques.

Unlike Tantra Massage, this sensual massage experience does end in ejaculation. It is a deeply relaxing experience that allows for sensual release in a comfortable and safe environment.

This massage is both sensual and erotic and extremely beneficial both mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Sensual Massage is giving with the utmost of integrity and service to the body. All my massage techniques have a touch of tantra attached to them and I work intuitively and with a deep reverence towards the whole body. It is inclusive of all.

What happens in a Sensual Massage?

Upon entering your practitioner’s space, you will have a consultation around expectations and what is going to happen in the session.

You will be guided to the massage table where you will receive a *Lomi Lomi Massage. In this session, all you have to do is simply receive loving touch and in turn, this can lead to a deep sense of relaxation. You may even find yourself falling asleep, which is perfectly fine. Your body will be touched sensually, erotically, and therapeutically inclusive of all erogenous zones.

Upon turning over I start the Lingam (Penis) massage using different strokes, slowly generating energy in the whole body and building up towards climax.

I have had lots of people tell me that they have not been touched in this way before on this particular part of their body.

After the session, you have time for integration and sharing.

What are the benefits of Sensual Massage?

Sensual massage comes with immense benefits, the most common is a deep sense of relaxation in the body system. Many people come feeling anxious and completely stressed out but with this massage the nervous system has a chance for a deep letting go and you can even feel “Blissed Out” afterward.
Any massage is wonderful for the immune system, leaving it stronger, more healthy. Touch is a powerful stimulant and helps us protect from infections and dis-ease in the body.

We live in a touch starved society, getting a massage relieves us from this allowing our body systems to have a sense of equilibrium.

This massage comes with an overall sense of well being.

Sensual massage is for anybody who is looking for deep relaxation within themselves. It is an experience that is both profound and revolutionary.

*Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of long flowing strokes over the whole body allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch. This massage works gently yet deeply in the muscles and aims to take you into a deep meditative state where you feel completely relaxed and at ease.


45 Minutes: $230, 1 Hour: $280, 90 Minutes: $380 and 2 Hours: $480


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