What is Women’s Yoni Massage?

A Women’s Yoni Massage with me is all about receiving pleasure and touch in a nurturing way. I believe that we all should feel extreme pleasure in our bodies, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. I work on giving the most pleasure possible with full body massage inclusive of both breast and yoni.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word meaning “source of life” and is the name given to a women’s genital area in the world of Tantra.

I begin the session with *Lomi Lomi Massage to give time for the body to become completely relaxed. I then start the breast massage before moving on to the Yoni Massage. Here I use different strokes and techniques to allow for full pleasure in the Yoni and the entire body. For some women, this massage can create immense amounts of presence and awareness in the body and can bring up stored emotions that are welcomed during the session.

This massage can end up in having an orgasm but it is not the main focus of the session. This session is around being pleasured and touched in a different more sensitive way. It is about growth and expansion of energy in the entire body.

How to prepare for a Women’s Yoni Massage?

We all have preconceived ideas of how our session will be or look like. If you come with expectations, you may be disappointed if those exceptions are not met. I encourage you to keep a clear mind and just see what happens. If you are full of expectations we can talk about those upon your arrival for the session with me.

If you are nervous and this is your first time, come with your nervousness and whatever other feelings you may have, as these feelings do change during the session, this is what I have found in the many years of giving women’s yoni massage.

This session will be greatly enhanced if you enter the session with an open heart, conscious awareness, and an open body.

You may wish to consider clearing the day just for you. Make this a “ME” day and be loving and gentle to yourself as this session can move a lot of energy around the body. Do things that make you happy and maybe move a little more slowly than usual. Something to consider.

What are the benefits of a Women’s Yoni Massage?

There are many benefits and positive results that arise from receiving a women’s yoni massage experience.

By having a women’s massage you will bring health to the yoni, breasts, your entire body, and mind.

You will have more awareness of your whole body, become more sensitive to touch, be more erogenous, especially in the yoni.

This massage may give you more personal empowerment and growth – a sexually open and orgasmic woman will feel strong and empowered.

Something to chat about with the girlfriends over lunch.

A women’s massage can open you for better connections with yourself, with your primary partner, and to others.

Most of all you can experience what it is like just to receive, be pampered, and not have to give something in return. You can just relax and bathe in your energies.

This massage is a beautiful gift to yourself and the feminine.

*Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of long flowing strokes over the whole body allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch. This massage works gently yet deeply in the muscles and aims to take you into a deep meditative state where you feel completely relaxed and at ease.

90 Minutes: $380 and 2 Hours: $480


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