One thing that came to my attention again last week was the need for all the ladies out there to give back to themselves. In fact, I had two different women come to me, each coming out of really challenging situations, and both in need of some beautiful, loving attention. And this isn’t unusual. 

As women, we are often put in the position of taking care of others. Sometimes our own needs are put on the back-burner while we make sure that others have what they need. But the thing is, if we aren’t fulfilled, there isn’t much to give back to others. There’s only so much we can give without making sure our own needs are met. 

One way to give back to yourself is with a yoni massage. Women are sensual creatures. It’s part of who we are, how we are built. We are connected to our bodies on a deep level, and we need to honour the body. And sometimes, we don’t give ourselves permission to do that. A yoni massage or full body sensual massage is an amazing way to channel some beautiful self-love. Plus, there’s nothing like an amazing, toe curling orgasm to re-energise the body and tap into deeper levels of vitality and joy. 

Starting your yoni massage with an open mind and an open heart is the best way to really garner the benefits of this practice. While for many, this can be a hard task to do, the end results are always rewarding. Doing so can help you learn to relax into your body rather than staying strictly within the boundaries of the mind. By connecting with yourself this way, you are one step closer to alleviating mental stresses too, particularly anxiety and depression. 

As you relax into your massage, expect to awaken new senses. You may experience pleasures you have never experienced before. There are many new ways you might discover yourself through a yoni massage using touch and breath.  Body awareness is a beautiful and exciting thing. And the more you learn, the more information you can share with your lover back home, or maybe just yourself, for a more fulfilling, eye-opening sex life. 

Women are often more resistant to sexual pleasure-based therapies than men. However, whether you’re a man or a woman seeking this kind of therapy, there’s absolutely no shame associated with it. In fact, a yoni massage or sensual full body massage is a perfect way to reclaim ourselves. That’s what these therapies are for. By allowing ourselves to experience self pleasure, we explore our sexual selves. We allow ourselves to expand and to create a deeper connection with our bodies. 

Touch and orgasm are ways of honouring our bodies. They help us to reawaken our sensual selves and reconnect with our passion and joy. Healthy self-love and touch is a way of giving back to ourselves. A form of self-care. And, when we give back to ourselves, we get back to ourselves. 

We reclaim that sense of vitality and energy that makes life a joy to live. We all deserve that. We deserve to connect with sensual feeling and allow ourselves passionate, sensual expansion. 

So check in. Have you been giving back to yourselves? Are you making sure you schedule in some time for some loving self-touch? Have you given yourself permission to take care of your own needs, or has it been all about taking care of others? Maybe it’s time. 

If you’re curious about yoni massage and you’d like to know more about it, feel free to reach out. I love to help my clients to reconnect with their bodies and embrace their sexual selves. 

In Gratitude