The Importance Of Boosting Your Body Image

The Importance Of Boosting Your Body Image

You’re too fat. You’re too skinny. Your hair is too short or too long. You’re beginning to get wrinkles. You’ve got cellulite. Your hair’s going grey. Your tits are sagging. Your man boobs are swelling. You look like a dag. On and on the ‘What’s Wrong With Me’ list goes.

We all get that feeling of not being good enough, and it’s a message that’s reinforced constantly by the media, and occasionally (if unintentionally) by our family and friends. The endless pressure to look good all the time can be exhausting. But times are changing, and it’s becoming more and more encouraged to fall in love with the skin we’re in.

However, body positivity shouldn’t just be a trend on Instagram. It should be everyday living.

We need to start loving our bodies, whatever shape or form they present themselves in. When we accept ourselves with unconditional love, we begin to see the world and others through different eyes – and we also need to start feeling a little bit more relaxed about life in general.

One recent client told me she would have been too embarrassed to come for a session with me if she hadn’t lost quite a bit of weight. I was happy that she had come in, but I was disappointed to hear that her weight was a deciding factor. It does not matter what size you are, we all need touch and love through body contact.

The Tantra Womens Massage that I offer is both an empowering and enlightening experience, deserved by all. This kind of restorative bodywork invites a sense of total relaxation and spiritual awakening, which may actually be the key to letting go of our body worries. If you suffer from poor body image, or feelings of self-consciousness during sex, tantra massage can act as a therapy session to combat this type of negative thinking.

It can certainly be a daunting thing, and can certainly make you feel very vulnerable when revealing your naked body to another. However, the experience of sensual massage helps to alleviate this kind of unnecessary fear. From heart-focused healing sessions to the focused yoni massage, you can come to understand your body more holistically through tantra massage.

It is generally a very helpful remedy for body image issues, and can also help improve your sex life. Being such an experimental practice tailored to each individual body, the experience is very transformative. Allow this practice to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your body. Get to know yourself. Practice the act of self-love and acceptance.

So, wherever you are, whoever you are, love the body you are in, right now. Tell your body that you love it, right now. Give yourself permission to feel good in the body you have, right now.

This body is the only one you have – so give it love, take care of it and enjoy it through exercise, good food and healing modalities like massage, bodywork and dance. There are

no two bodies alike, and as a bodyworker, that makes for a colorful experience when I’m giving a massage! I love being presented with different bodies, and giving the exact same love to every single one.

That is the art of acceptance. So, love the body you are in, and it will love you right back.

In Gratitude