The early stages of a relationship can seem quite magical. You always want to be around your partner and your face lights up just from hearing their name. Everyone loves the beginning stages of a relationship, right? Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, tension starts to enter your blissful atmosphere.

We might start to become more irritable about things that didn’t bother us before. Things that you thought were cute and innocent about your partner may not seem as small anymore. Little by little, it becomes harder to stay in that space of euphoric connection that seemed inexhaustible in the beginning. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

The truth is that we all need personal time to get centered and clear. Of course, we enjoy our partner, but being underneath them all the time isn’t realistic or healthy. It’s important that we rest our minds, come back to balance, and be in the space where we can bring the best of ourselves into any interaction. I know it’s easy to forget the word “space” when we’re in a new and exciting relationship, but it’s imperative for a long-lasting connection.

When we spend time with others, we tune in to them energetically. Things become linked and we synch our vibrations. You begin to feel what they feel and those emotions can run through you. We create a different space and a separate connection than the one we have with ourselves. It can be fascinating to sync vibrations with others, but it can be overwhelming at times.

Enjoy Your Energy

By making time to ourselves early on in the relationship, we’re protecting our own energy and wants along with the desires of our partner. Even a walk alone or a ten-minute space of personal time can let us tune in to ourselves. Our focus comes back to the center and we begin to focus on our needs and not just the ones in our relationship. This is something your mind and body need. This is the time we take for ourselves to figure out what we desire in the moment.

Personal time is essential for a healthy and lasting relationship. The demands of life often keep us running like we’re in a rat race. From working, taking care of other responsibilities, and even tending to familial relationships, we’re always busy. With so many things claiming our urgent attention, a little alone time is always the last thing on the list of things to do. But that’s the remedy we need to center ourselves.

Having alone time is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. While we can survive without it, we’re not giving the best version of ourselves when we don’t have it. Without feeding that need for space, the lack starts to catch up with us and we aren’t ourselves. We become distracted and not pleasant to be around. Every aspect of our lives changes when we don’t center ourselves. Every aspect of our lives also changes when we do center ourselves.

Today I want you to take some time and center yourself. Take 10 minutes out of your day and spend it alone. Block everything else out. Feel your energy running through your body and tend to the parts that seem blocked off. By doing this you will strengthen your connection with not only your partner but with yourself as well.

In gratitude,