Mixing Tantra

Recently, I was asked if I’ve ever mixed Tantra and BDSM. While on the surface, it might seem like an unlikely pairing since Tantra is connected with spiritual sexuality, while BDSM is more about the kinky stuff, right? Sometimes things mix together better than you think.

First, things first. Tantra isn’t only about sex. It’s a practice of awareness of your body and your emotions. It’s about breathing, feeling, and being present in the moment. It’s about dropping every other thought from your mind and focusing on what’s going on at the current time. With Tantra, you fully let go.

Tantra is a lifelong practice and for good reason. This is something that takes consistency to master. I practice tantra when I’m walking, when I’m sitting, when I’m talking with a friend, and even when I’m lying in bed at night. I’m focusing on that moment and nothing else.

I also practice this in my BDSM and Bondassage sessions.

Attention to detail is key in a Bondassage session. There are several things I go over in sessions, but one is to make sure that the receiver is safely bound. Secure without being uncomfortable, nothing too tight, and making sure that they have some movement.

This sense of security and awareness has to be maintained throughout the entire session. Whether it’s Bondassage or any other form of BDSM play, the key to a phenomenal experience is being present in our actions. When someone receives a Bondassage session, they are in a deeply vulnerable space. They are trusting someone to do something. Trust here is essential.

In my sessions, I want the receiver to feel relaxed so I make sure their breathing is good and they are truly experiencing the moment. The receiver’s comfortability is most important to me.

Doing Bondassage right is an art. It’s a symphony of sensation, a conscious interaction with a living awareness. This is Tantra at its very core. Even when we get moving faster, it’s about being in the moment.

So moving forward, move in the moment and try not to think about other things. This means even dropping your mind in a sense. Remind yourself everyday to take care of your needs, breathing, and sensual desires. Try to be in the present and not think about anything else that can take away from the now.

In gratitude,