Couples Play

The couple that plays together, stays together. It’s no coincidence. The more fun you have with your partner, the closer your connection will become. One of the things that I enjoy best as a tantric therapist is the opportunity to work with couples, to help them to deepen their relationship and enhance their love lives. It’s been amazing to see before my very eyes a connection strengthen and become better than before.

With one-on-one sessions, couples expand their learning base, receiving firsthand knowledge of sensual erotic touch and body wisdom. Touch is the center of many of my teachings and there’s no better way to learn it than experiencing it for yourself. These sessions help you to understand how you like to be touched, to discover what feels good and how to tune into that feeling to make it even more delicious.

As you know, the main part of Tantra is learning to slow down and feel everything. You want to savor every part of the experience. These sessions teach you different skills regarding touch and how to implement them into your everyday lives.

Couples Massages

Couples massages allow you and your partner to reconnect in a profound and sensual way. It’s no secret that most of us fall into patterns and get extremely comfortable in our relationships. We use the same forms of touch again and again, and the spark begins to dim. With couples massage, partners learn new ways to touch. This brings new experiences and variety into the relationship.

Now, these sessions aren’t just for couples whose relationships have gotten a bit dull. Anyone can benefit from a couple’s massage to improve their intimacy and deepen their connection even when things are still exciting. No matter where you are in your relationship, new ideas regarding intimacy can bring important new elements to your union. Tantra helps you to explore touch and feeling in all of its forms while still keeping the passion alive.

If you’re wanting a one-on-one session or a couple’s massage with your partner, I’m available to assist in help strengthening your bond and adding more touch to your relationship. The journey to a new path of intimacy will be rewarding.

In Gratitude,