Are You Mindful?

Mindfulness in simple terms means the state of being aware or conscious of something.

It has everything to do with being totally present and focused, and having full, conscious awareness of whatever you’re doing at the moment. Now it may sound easy, but it’s usually harder for some of us to stay in the moment.

Our brains are huge machines like computers that process data, experiences, and moments on a constant basis. Most of us are always thinking of a million things at once. We rarely focus on just one moment. The present moment. Our minds chatter away, and it’s this relentless noise that can make us stressed, anxious, and tense.

These distractions also disconnect us from the sensual side of life, because when we’re not fully aware of what’s happening to us at the moment. We have too many distractions so in return we miss out on life’s little pleasures and the full depth of our sensuality.

Focusing on the Moment

I want you to now think about how you approach the small tasks in your everyday life. Do you rush through washing the dishes or do you take the time to really “feel” it? It might sound strange, but you can turn something as simple as doing the dishes into a great mindful experience.

Try fully focusing on the task at hand. Feel the warm water touching your skin. Feel the squishiness of the sponge between your fingers and the steam from the water as it curls around your nostrils. This is you being fully conscious and aware! You’re now experiencing being in the moment.

Here’s another exercise to try:

1: Find a quiet spot in your house or wherever you are and close your eyes.

2: Focus all your attention on the pinky finger on your right hand. Remember we want to focus on the present moment and nothing else.

3: Take some deep breaths into your belly.

4: Now on the inhale, imagine sending your breath through your body to that one finger.

5: Next, with each breath you inhale, imagine pulling a bean of light in through the crown of your head and down to your finger.

6: Really feel the blood pulsing there and note any sensations as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply.

You should sense your finger starting to feel bigger and more present. Or you may even feel like it’s the only finger on your hand.

This simple exercise shows how focusing your attention on one thing can bring enhanced sensation. Imagine what could happen if you could apply the technique to other areas of your

own body or even your lovers! There are endless possibilities when you put all your focus and attention on one thing. With this, you can really experience the moment.

So instead of having a full mind, try and be mindful, and start connecting to life on an even deeper level.

In gratitude, Taranga