Feeling Energy

Energy has much more meaning to it than most of us will be able to comprehend. It’s not just about lighting up huge arenas. Energy is deep and is felt in many ways. Well, in Tantra, energy is more than just an idea – it’s actually a physical force that can be controlled, played with, and felt throughout the body.

If you really think about it, energy is all around us. Each living thing in the universe contains energy. This vibrating ‘sea’ of energy is all around us and within us, connecting us to each other and to everything. But we’re not just helpless individuals in this concept of energy. We can in a way manipulate it and transfer it ourselves.

Energy in Motion

Let’s try a quick exercise. Rub your hands together as hard and quickly as you can for 10 to 20 seconds. Now hold them together so your palms are almost, but not touching. What are you experiencing? You should feel some heat and tingling, and you may even feel somewhat of a force field between your hands like they’re magnetised. What is this?

You’ve created a small electrical charge of energy all on your own.

This ‘charge’ can be redirected or transferred to another part of the body. Now let’s do something different so you can feel energy and its influence in a different way. I want you to rub your hands together again, but this time place them on your heart. Breathe deeply and feel that energy enter your chest. How does that feel?

These exercises are meant to help you realize how much influence you have on the energy in your physical being. Maybe you feel a little more connected to your emotions. Maybe you even feel a little warm inside. You’ve just created and moved energy around the body! There are many ways to do this.

Tantra teaches methods like this to create, build, and transfer energy from one place or thing to another. With this, you can create new sensations and vibrations in your being.

When energy circulates freely through the body, we’re at our happiest and healthiest. We also feel most connected to the things we enjoy. Family, friends, and even our work will receive our best selves when energy is flowing freely throughout our bodies. But when energy’s blocked, we feel lifeless and exhausted. Now, these feelings can also be caused by other things, but there’s also often a blockage in the flow of life force energy.

I want you to try this exercise to see where energy may be stuck in your body. Close your eyes and focus on your body. Which parts do you feel most? Your arms? Legs? Stomach? Genitals?

Now tune in to which parts feel less connected. Perhaps these are areas where energy is trapped and not flowing freely. These would be the areas you need to work on. And that’s where a session with me can be very beneficial.

In gratitude