Sex and Power:Taking the blinders off

We’ve all had burning desires we want to experience in this lifetime. Some of them may even be a bit illicit but a desire nonetheless.

Maybe you want your lover to push you down on the bed, slip your panties off and slide their tongue between your legs without hesitation.You want to be teased until you can’t control yourself and beg and plead to have them inside of you.

Sex and power seem to go hand and hand.

There’s a primal side to our nature and it needs to be expressed. Often in our everyday lives, we suppress that desire to exert our power when it comes to our pleasures. Sometimes we want to let go and tap into that wild side.

This primal nature that we have is part of being human. It is the source of our joy and drive. Sex is an act that makes us vulnerable and gives us the opportunity to express ourselves deeply to another. Our most intense, most passionate selves. But it goes a bit deeper than this.

BDSM & Power

Bondassage and BDSM are about enforcing power and giving it away. It’s an opportunity to honour these secret passions, to look our deepest nature in the face and give it full expression. It’s a chance to move into a place of acceptance of these desires, as healthy and right.

When we step out of our everyday roles, we get to experience different possibilities and change the narrative of our lives. By stepping out, we give ourselves permission to take control and to give control of ourselves to another. All of this is power.

This means shining a light on those hidden desires and letting them be seen. And it means moving into a place of trust.This includes trusting ourselves to act from those depths of intensity and to be received.We also have to remember to trust our lover to take control and show us how exciting it can be to really let go.

Unfortunately, society has cast a shadow on these more primal sides of being human. Most of us aren’t programmed to show our sexual side or our vulnerable selves willingly. Many equate being so open and free with derogatory terms. This is a habit that needs to be broken.

Those who have dipped into the deeper side of their beings are healthier and more comfortable with themselves.They know who they are and what they want. They understand themselves in and out and welcome the sensual aspects of life.

Letting Go

Authenticity and consciousness in relation are more than just being honest and calm when explaining issues. It also means letting yourself explore those juicy exciting bits of sensuality, within yourself and in your partner. Sometimes it means trying something new and understanding that no risk means no gain.

It means opening those doors of sexuality that were locked for no good reason and letting the energy move you, in the way it wants. Sincerity means
screaming your pleasure and letting your body feel the deep pleasures of being comfortable in your sensuality.

Now I want you to let yourself feel what it wants. I want you to stop blocking the energy that your body wants to feel. Let go and you may surprise yourself with what you gain.

In Gratitude