Do you know how to touch?

There is a certain art to touching that many don’t know of. You might think it’s as simple as placing the palm of your hand somewhere, but it goes deeper than that. If you’ve read some of my other articles, you probably know that the human touch has a lot of health benefits. Besides releasing happy chemicals and feeling better overall, being touched is in our human nature.

But do you know the art of touching? Do you know how to properly touch someone or even yourself?

When touching someone, you want to touch with the whole hand and not just the fingers or palm. Place your entire hand on the body. This lets the receiver know you’re present and helps them to feel confident.

When you touch the body slowly and with awareness, you are more present and in tune with your partner. When this happens you become one with the other. It’s like you’re in sync. With this, the possibilities for your intimate play are endless.

Implementing Touch

When receiving touch, each person generally likes it to be exactly how they feel it’s needed for their own particular body. We all have desires and individual needs that we would like met. It’s important that both you and your partner are responsive to requests. You do this by simply asking your lover what they need at the moment. Listen to what they’re telling you, then act on their feedback. It’s important to not guess what your partner enjoys. Being verbal and direct is best for the sensual experience.

Sometimes you may not have anyone around to touch, but still want to enjoy the pleasure. Always touch yourself with meaning and allow the energy in your body to flow. Feel everything in the moment and drop other thoughts from your mind.

If experiencing touch in this way is new for you, remember to take things slow and communicate clear desires. When trying to implement something new into your life, it’s important to practice and be consistent in your efforts. In time, the art of touching will be second nature to you and you’ll continue to enjoy the many benefits it offers.

Remember to enjoy yourself and let go.
Now I want you to experience this new art of touching for yourself.

In gratitude