The Meaning of Tantra

I’m sure you’ve seen the word tantra many times and maybe even done some research on your own surrounding its meaning. Tantra is about all life. In tantra, sex is the metaphor for learning presence, true embodiment, and full aliveness. Tantra is a path to learning ourselves and learning to really feel every moment in life.

Our feelings are powerful. Extremely powerful. When you don’t deal with your feelings, they linger around and pop back up whenever triggered. While there are several ways to block these feelings, one way to accomplish this is by distracting ourselves. Getting our minds going and dropping out of our bodies.

Try this. What does your pinky toe feel like? You probably haven’t really thought about how it feels until now. That’s because the mentioning of it is bringing it to your attention. There’s so much to feel within our bodies in any moment that if we are able to really be present to it, we wouldn’t have time to obsess or concoct stories for situations that don’t currently exist.

Accepting Our Feelings

Tantra is all about acceptance, on the deepest level you can imagine. It’s all about truly feeling everything. When we try to hold away feelings, we are rejecting them. In rejecting something within us, we split ourselves. We do not show our true selves. We create a conflict inside, and with that comes confusion. It blocks our energy and connection to the world. By accepting all of our feelings, we begin to feel free.

Acceptance is also the key to transformation. When we reject a part of ourselves, we split it away from the part connected with our will and identity. In order to truly live in bliss, we have to accept that hurt person inside. We have to accept every part of ourselves so we can be aligned.

Sex is one of the most profound and sensual experiences that a human being can have. This is why many correlate tantra with sex. Two people come together in an explosion of feeling, an inner urge. Their souls connecting and creating an experience that can’t be replicated. The mind can come in to try to control the situation, and shape it somehow.

The practice of tantra helps us to learn how to let go of the mind again and just follow the energy. This allows us to feel more than we’ve ever felt and enjoy the experience in the moment without a thought of anything else.

Practicing Tantra

Sex is a great way to teach tantra because the sensations across our skin and the rising energy in our body are so powerful and present. It helps us to learn to live in the moment. But you don’t stop there. Tantra teaches us to bring that same level of awareness into our body at all times. To make life a sensual experience. And by doing so, we hear when emotions emerge and learn to process them at that moment rather than burying them in the surface later. Learn how to interact with from a more realistic and fulfilling place.

Tantra is the pillar of many of my articles and teachings you’ll find on my website. I’ll explore this topic more and how it effects our lives in different ways in future articles. In closing, I want you to think about tantra and how you can implement it into your daily life. Need help? I’m available for sessions.

In gratitude